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2020 AHAA WA State Show

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

On the 8th of November the Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia West Australian Branch held the 2020 AHAA WA State Show at Karinya Equestrian Park. This was the first event held by the Branch since the 2016 National Show so naturally there was much excitement in the lead up to the day.

The event provided the chance for Andalusian owners and breeders across WA to present their horses under highly experienced and well respected judges Anita Budgeon, Marj Radford, Jacqui Moon, Nycole Gardiner and Marian Semones. Events ranged from halter, horse and handler and long reining in the morning to ridden breed classes, hack and hunter events, costume classes and dressage tests in the afternoon.

Experienced competitors and first time showers alike came together to support one another throughout the day providing encouraging words and a helping hand where needed. We also had a lovely spectator turn out with family, friends and Andalusian lovers taking advantage of the shaded patio surrounding the clubhouse to watch the events. One of the highlights for our spectators was the Fiesta costume class. Entrants decked out in beautiful and colourful dresses graced the ring with Andrea Harold and the lovely Blue Blood Juno winning the class.

Some of our stand out combinations of the day included

Leipold Bohemio and Natasha Gill, this beautiful combination was awarded State Champion led Partbred Andalusian Gelding and were the recipients of the Encouragement Award by the judge for their wins in all entered Hunter classes.

Blue Blood Flair, owned by Sue White and shown by Alexandra Edwards was our State Champion ridden Partbred Andalusian and also the winner of both our Preliminary and Novice Dressage tests.

And Torridon Rufina, owned by Leah Bayfield and shown in combination by Cherie Pastor and Paige King, was awarded State Champion led Partbred Andalusian Female for the 7th year at an AHAA WA event. She was also the winner of our highly contended Senior Horse and Handler class.

The day was concluded with the awarding of the Hi-Point winners. Soar Contigo Casimiro, owned and shown by Erin Furlonger, won Junior Hi-Point Horse, in addition to being awarded State Champion led Pure Spanish Andalusian Entire. Our Senior Hi-Point winner was El Sonadora Cenicienta, owned by Kate Emmott and shown by Rachael Saldaris. Ella was also the State Champion led and ridden Australian Andalusian winner.

Congratulations to all our entrants who competed during the day, the calibre of horses presented was sensational and we look forward to seeing more entrants in the years to come.

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