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Past National Championships

GP Riceto

National Show events were held annually with a different State having the chance to host the event each year. Nationals were set up with the intention of bringing Andalusian horses from across the country together to compete against one another. Events often extended across two or more days and not only included standard breed events but a large range of novelty events designed to showcase the versatility of the breed.  

In 2020 it was decided that National Championships Shows would no longer be run due to the limited number of interstate competitors observed at the events over the last few years. State Championships will continue to be run by the State Branches to showcase the Andalusian breed in Australia.  

GP Riceto

2019 Nationals

The 2019 AHAA National Show 

McLaren Park Equestrian Centre, South Australia 

2019 National Show Results

The 2018 AHAA National Show 

Queensland State Equestrian Centre, Caboolture, Queensland 

2018 Nationals

2018 National Show Results

The 2016 AHAA National Show 

WA State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon WA 

2016 Nationals