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QLD State Hi Point Australian Andalusian

AHAA Shows

Breed show events are important to any breed association. They are a way for breeders to ensure their stock is reflective of current breed standards and to recognize those individuals that are of exceptional quality. They are also a fantastic way for a breed to draw public interest and garner new support. 


The State Branches, on behalf of the AHAA, hold State Show Events and up until 2020 National Show Events. These shows follow a set program of led and ridden breed events with additional classes added at the discretion of the State Branch. 

In 2020 a Virtual Breed Show was added to the events schedule. Run by members of the AHAA Federal Council the event hosts highly respected local and international judges. Led and Ridden breed classes for all AHAA registers are included on the program in addition to a range of novelty events. 

Lorenzo Diego Y Zorro

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